Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog!

Now, blog lovers or writers out there will understand that there are different reasons why people write blogs online.

When I started this blog, my intention wasn’t actually to get any attention, which is why this blog was kept anonymous. It was only an outlet for me to release my thoughts into the wild and really just write and if anybody wanted to read it they could, and if they didn’t want to, then that was cool too! I never went out of my way to promote this blog, although I did end up talking to some great people while blogging here.

I decided that I wanted to up the game and take the next steps. I want to step out of my comfort zone and really make something out of blogging.

I am at a stage in my life where nothing is certain and everyone is asking “what are you going to do in university?” and “what do you want to be?”

Now all these questions cause you to think about what you want to do that you will actually enjoy and love. This got me thinking; maybe there isn’t a way for a person like me to actually turn their passion into a living… but now I’m gonna try. I’m determined to try it out, even if I don’t want to do other things such as YouTube videos how most bloggers also end up doing. I will try and turn my passion; writing, into my life. I have been writing now for many years, not just on this blog, but also had my own novel published on a website. But I never pushed myself to work harder on it and turn it into my lifestyle. Now I am determined that I want to work hard on this and make it count!

Having said all this, I want to announce the NEW BLOG that I have got up on Blogger which is a co-blog with a friend. Please go and check it out, show it some love and support and I would really appreciate that.

Here are some of the things that I will be contributing to the new blog in the near future;

  1. Healthy Lifestyle mentality & My Journey
  2. Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Poetry/Short stories/Novels
  4. Successful mentality

And many, many more!

I am determined to work so hard on this and make my vision come to life so I would absolutely LOVE if you could check the blog out, check out the socials and show your love and support the same way you showed with this blog. I will continue this blog in the same way that it is going, just in case you were wondering.

Thank you so much for reading, and see you soon on the socials!




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