Some people have the best morals in life.

They stand by things that other people might not have thought of.

The words they use suddenly become more beautiful because of the meaning behind them.

I was casually sitting in my English Literature class one day, as one does, and my teacher said something beautiful. Sometimes the best things come when you aren’t looking for them. The class was discussing a play called “Betrayed” by Harold Pinter. We were being introduced to it as we are choosing which play to study next year for our course. We read Scene Three (by the way, I totally recommend it) and we found out by our teacher that the play works backwards. Everyone’s reaction to this was “aw!”, “why would you do that?!” and “that makes no sense.”

My dear teacher says;

“You all are unreasonably attached to the idea that time should only move forwards and it’s time that was challenged.”

I couldn’t help but smile. It’s true. We are all attached to the idea that time should only move forward. Think about it. Do we read books where the author chose to disobey the chronological order?  Do we move backwards in time, to see who we used to be? In fact, we get told to move on from our past.

If you don’t deal with something, it will always haunt you. Don’t run away from your past, face it. It’s like having something on your to-do list that you keep ignoring, it won’t get done on its own.

And that’s what I’ve learnt today.




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