We are at this point in the era where being brutally honest is seen as a stigma and most people steer clear of it.

The people who value honesty more than the appreciation of the crowd are labelled as ‘bitch’, ‘trying to be cool’ etc.

Let me lay this out for you in black and white…

No one in this day and age has the time to analyse every person they were communicate with. And quite simply, that is exactly what we are being expected to do.

Barely anybody goes straight to the point.

You like them, oh, let’s drop hints and wait until they say something.

You don’t like what someone just said or did to you, oh let’s keep it to ourselves and hold it in our hearts forever… By the way, this only burns you when you should just extinguish the flame by confronting them.

People are left to make their own assumptions which is just sooo much harder than if you just be honest about your feelings and thoughts.

And usually their assumptions are incorrect… or poorly worded (a writer values their words.)

Frankly, I’m the kind of person who would rather tell you if you did something to upset me than hold it in my heart. But I haven’t always been like that, I just realised that it’s so much easier if you speak direct about how you feel because nobody knows the way your mind thinks.

Honesty is a foundation for trust. I really don’t see how you can have one without the other.

Then there’s people who are honest with the starter ‘no offence but…’

You see, the reason they do that is because they are warning you that what they are about to say might hurt you.

I believe in the honesty where it makes life easier, not the honesty where, in childish behaviour, you tell someone that they don’t look good in that jacket and end it with; “I’m just being honest.” No, that’s being mean, not honest. And it makes life harder.

Think about it, if people didn’t go around the bush and straight up told you how they felt… Wouldn’t it save you all the thinking and analysing?

We have enough of that in school, man!

P.S. Australians, comment below please 🙂




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