God knows what could happen in a couple of seconds… milliseconds even.

Things change, people change, feelings change, thoughts change, expressions change.

Everything changes. In fact, when I get home from college today, I’m gonna change my clothes. See, everything changes… (go ahead, laugh at my attempt of humor.)

I look back over the last three years and spot all the changes on the way. Wow… So much has changed.

In my last post, I wrote a poem about changes. I feel things were imperfectly perfect before all the changes I experienced. By imperfectly perfect, I mean things weren’t perfect, there’s always the ups and downs of every situation. But it was manageable, there was things to always make you smile at the end of the day.

And now, one thing is going wrong after another.

Without anyone to make you smile, and nothing particularly exciting to live for.

So much changes. Ugh, changes!

Part of the changes is growing up and having more responsibility on your shoulders. Like a burden, weighing you down. And the worst part is… it only gets worse from here.

I never had a great childhood, I lost those years of play and wonder. I wasn’t the child who would be carefree and climb trees and have fun. Even as a child I wanted to please everyone. Worrying about what if I upset someone.

Always so grown up for my age. My mind is very old. I lost the carelessness a long while before my peers and the worst thing is that I can’t get it back.

Lost years, a lost person. You can’t bring either back.




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