There are so many situations in life where people confuse you.

You don’t know whether to try to figure it out or whether to grab your knees, head in lap, and weep.

I don’t know whether it’s just my age group or my gender that thinks about these things… People often send mixed signals. Whether you’re sending it or receiving it, they’re both confusing positions to be in.

There are two points of view, both experienced by yours truly.

One, you’re the one sending the mixed signals. This is because you’re confused as hell. You want one thing and you’re acting like you want another. It’s like craving chocolate but asking for a Dorset Naga. You don’t want someone else to know how you’re actually feeling and what you actually want to say to them. So you cover it up… hey, that’s a skill we all use. If you’re sending mixed signals, you need to take a second and talk to yourself. What do you actually want? If you’re comfortable with showing someone it, they probably don’t belong where they are in your life. Re-evaluate.

Second, you’re receiving mixed signals. Chances are you’re acting in the same way because the person you’re talking to is acting this way too. Or rather, the person you’re not talking to. Since, we all have a person in our life who we want to talk to but it’s not happening… just me? When you’re the one receiving these mixed signals, it often leads to being lost in confusion…*starts singing*… like an illusion. In this moment, give it a minute. Gather your thoughts and take the next left out of the conversation. You’re welcome.


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