summer sun

Summer holidays have started and me and my friends decide to go on a little adventure.

We wanted to go to a park which wasn’t very close to us so we were going on our bikes.

The first adventure of the summer holidays and it all went wrong.

It was three of us, we met and we set off towards the park. I ride my bike more often than my other two friends so naturally I go fast and they are shouting my name from behind. I stop and turn, wait for them to catch up. They tell me we’ll ride slow so we preserve energy to enjoy the park and also come back home. So we ride slow.

We had to pass through a local park in order to get to the road which led to the park we wanted to go to. So we are riding at average speed through the streets and get into our local park.

I have no idea how but I’ve starting riding fast again… (told you it was natural). I am ahead of my to friends and I hear one of them scream. I think that they are just having a laugh because I could hear them talking before. I turn around and I had no idea that a shock such as that would be in front of my eyes.

Also passing through the park was a woman with a dog. She stopped near my friend which had fell of the bike and reviewed how badly she was injured, she told us to take care of her and left. By this time, I had dropped my bike exactly where I had stopped and ran back towards my friends. My friend was on the floor, bleeding out of her nose. One, because she had a nose bleed and two, because her glasses had scraped her nose. She was hurt on her leg too. That was when we knew it wasn’t a minor injury. Luckily, we didn’t have to call out an ambulance and she was able to sit up and had stopped bleeding in a matter of five minutes.

During this time, I was so scared. I couldn’t see her in the pain she was in.

Despite the fact that she had hurt her leg, she acted very strong and we walked to her house. Me and my friend live on the same street and it was close to the park we were passing through so that was a plus. We cleaned her up once we reached her house and put on plasters and medication.

No one was at her house so we waited with her until her mother arrived. Meanwhile, I called my mum and told her what had happened and where I was.

For a good week, she couldn’t walk properly and was in a lot of pain. The first two days, her leg was actually getting worse than getting better.

After visiting the doctor’s and having it checked out, we were assured that she would be fine and no serious harm was done. She had to rest.

That was the start of my summer holidays. Since then, me and my friend which wasn’t injured have been to other parks and once my injured friend got better, we have been to other parks as well. But not that park where we planned to go that first day.

I think I’m scared to go there again but we are going to do it soon. This summer, we won’t let it go without having fun.

You shouldn’t too.

Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for summer and if you have faced any problems or if you have already made fantastic memories. 


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