Well hi everyone, so recently, you might not even have noticed but I haven’t been posting any blogs. The reason in one simple word is ‘exams’.

I have been under stress and pressure to revise whenever I can because I left everything to the last minute and I have a serious procrastination problem (check out my previous blog on that).

For that reason, I haven’t been posting. And honestly, I missed it.

I realised one thing while I was away though… and that is that nature is the most beautiful thing ever. Heck, I even created a Instagram page just for nature. That thing is lucky!  Here is the link to my profile – https://instagram.com/anonymi_01/

On Instagram, I like looking at pictures of nature in my spare time and it really makes me feel so calm and peaceful… Am I the only one? Let me know. So anyway, I wanted to share that too so whenever I’m walking somewhere I tend to take a lot more pictures. I’ve never been into selfies so the camera was useless to me until now. Now my camera roll is full.

I also love reading quotes and I share some of the quotes closest to my heart on my feed. I think that quote images literally put my feelings into words when I find it most difficult to do that myself. Mostly, words can’t express my feelings.

To lighten things up a little bit and have a bit of a laugh, I follow accounts which share memes and funny images which can make you laugh so much sometimes, haha!

I like to chill whenever I can and usually I end up on Instagram so you should check that out too… or maybe I’m just a little late on the trend.

Also, I got a bike which means I’ve been out a lot more. I’ve been to the parks in the half term holidays and looked at ducks. That’s really been helping me to unwind after a few weeks on continuous revision and exams. I think everyone needs to try it at least once in their lifetime.

Anyhoo, my exams finish in about three weeks so pretty soon I will be sharing my adventures with you as I unravel my life during the summer holidays. Me and a few friends are planning to do things like gardening, biking, reading, writing and so much more during the holidays and you can go along on the journey with me. A few simple things mean a lot when you do it with someone special. And each and every one of you is special, remember that.

Let me know in the comments below:

What activities are you going to be trying out, alone or with friends? 

What activities do you think I would enjoy?

See you soon 🙂




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