I’m a teenage girl and like most people I like to share my views. At first I thought I’d start making YouTube videos but that wasn’t the right path for me even though I think it’s such a cool way to share your ideas. And I’ll be honest,  I never even thought about starting a blog. Maybe because I started writing a novel on a website before and after about 3 chapters I didn’t even continue with it. No idea why. So, anyway, I was looking for a place where I can share everything that happens in life. The life of a teenage girl. All the emotional roller coasters we go on will soon be revealed. My true inspiration to start this blog was Zoe Sugg’s book…

Girl Online.

That is the reason I started my blog. So I want to thank Zoe for the inspiration. I really like the idea of a anonymous blog where you can share whatever you want and find out whether others are going through the same thing or if they can help you. It’s really useful. That’s why I chose to start this blog. To start off with I’m going to be posting whenever I wish or when I feel that I have a topic to talk about. Gradually, I’ll build up to having one day a week where I definitely blog.

I want to share the stresses of life as well as the beauties of it. I want to rant when I want and express my feelings in my way. I want a place where I can the most me I’ve ever been anywhere. All anonymous.

Welcome to anonymi01.


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